PeachyPlan for Agencies.

The tool we wished we had.
Built to work beautifully for agencies and their clients,
PeachyPlan is shaped by years of project experience.
  • No-hassle sharing.
    View and edit plans without logging in.
    Maintain security with private links.
  • Clean control.
    The same permissions model as Google docs.
  • Clear separation.
    PeachyPlan does not expose your internal task tracking. That's on purpose.

Thank you for making this so easy.

We're having conversations about 2021 we never would have had.

Clients don't think in sprints.
Some think in fiscal quarters,
Some think in holidays.
Some think only a week ahead.
To use PeachyPlan with clients:
  • Make a project plan.
  • Share it with your client.
  • Give them write access.

This is as useful for their team as it is for ours.